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Top 3 Car Recalls in 2019

All people make mistakes, but when large companies make them, the results can be damaging to many people. Automobile manufacturers are sometimes found in a situation where they have put out vehicles with faulty parts or common, systemic problems. When that happens, recalls are issued to all registered owners of those vehicles to take them in for maintenance to have the problems repaired. This is more common than one might think, so let’s look at some of the most notable ones in 2019.

Probably the largest recall so far this year was a result of a vulnerability of various car components to cleaning chemicals. Issued by Subaru in March, this issue caused brake light switches to not illuminate properly, keyless ignition vehicles from starting, and automatic transmission shifts from failing after those respective components were exposed to various cleaning compounds. 1.3 million vehicles were affected by this recall.

Another notable car recall in 2019 was to Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicle parts for their faulty catalytic converters. Roughly 863,000 vehicles were affected by a part that would deteriorate quickly and release harmful emissions from the car. While this wasn’t necessarily physically harmful to individuals, it was to the environment and therefore would lead many vehicles to fail emissions tests in states that require it in order to register a vehicle.

Finally, many Audi models were affected by a disastrous recall for leaky fuel rails. This could be very problematic because any kind of ignition source would lead to the vehicle catching fire. Although the potential risk for this issue was great, “only” 75,000 vehicles were affected by it, making it smaller than the others this year, but much more notable.

Car recalls happen more often that one might think, but the results can still be very harmful to drivers, leading to health risks, potential for physical damage, and suspended vehicle registration. If you or someone you know has been negatively impacted by a car manufacturer recall, there may be grounds to file a personal injury claim or join a class action suit against that company. To learn more about your options in this scenario, please call us at the Franco Law Firm at (813) 872-0929.

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