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Treatment for Crushed Limbs After a Tampa Construction Accident


According to the OSHA, “caught-between” accidents are one of the “fatal four” most common fatal construction injuries in the United States. These accidents can easily claim lives, but they may also leave survivors with crushed limbs. Falling objects, machinery, and various other factors can all crush limbs on Tampa construction sites – leaving workers with lifelong disability, extreme pain, and even kidney damage. If you have suffered this type of injury firsthand, you might be wondering about treatment options.

Emergency Surgery 

One of the most common consequences of crush injuries is something called “compartment syndrome.” This occurs when tissue in the affected area essentially ceases to function. Blood and edema begin to fill up the affected area, and this situation can become quite serious if the crushed limb is not treated quickly. Emergency surgery may be effective in relieving the pressure and restoring function to the limb.


 Unfortunately, many crushed limbs must be amputated. If compartment syndrome seems serious, it may be impossible to restore a pulse to the affected area. To prevent life-threatening consequences, doctors may decide to sever the entire limb to save the rest of the body. Although this can be one of the most traumatic and stressful things to endure, it is important to remember that doctors are acting in your best interests. You should also remember that with an effective workers’ compensation claim, you should receive compensation for this permanent disability.

Immediate First Aid 

There are a number of steps workers and their peers can take in the immediate aftermath of a crush injury. First, it may be worth raising the affected area above the heart, as this will improve blood flow. Many first responders also cover the affected area with a wet cloth. Direct pressure can stop initial bleeding, and it may be important to prevent movement of the affected area.

Preventing Kidney Damage 

In certain situations, crushed limbs can indirectly cause severe kidney damage. This occurs when the limb is suddenly released after being placed under serious pressure, which subsequently releases high levels of myoglobin. The kidney cannot handle so much myoglobin at one time, and the patient may struggle to urinate related toxins out of the body.

Pain Management 

Crushed limbs can be incredibly painful, and it may be important to manage pain with a range of medicine. EMS World recommends Ketamine, which is a dissociative that effectively disconnects the patient from the sensations of their body. Other options include fentanyl or morphine.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Tampa 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced workers’ comp lawyer in Tampa, look no further than the Franco Law Firm. With our help, you can strive for the best possible treatment options after suffering a crushed limb on a construction site. Without an effective workers’ compensation claim, you might need to pay your medical bills out of your own pocket. You deserve access to the best treatment possible as a valued American worker. Reach out today to begin pursuing compensation with confidence.




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