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Your Doctor’s Role in a Personal Injury Case

While financial compensation is always the goal of a personal injury lawsuit case, the first and foremost objective should be the health of the injured individual. After an incident or accident that causes the injury in the first place, seeking medical treatment is always the best option, especially in an emergency scenario. Due to this, a doctor is going to play a very prominent role in the resolution of your personal injury not only because of the medical treatment that he or she administers, but also because of the nature of the law claim.

Obviously, the primary role of the doctor in a personal injury case is going to be the medical treatment of the injuries sustained. This may, of course, be comprised of the initial visit, but sometimes includes numerous follow-up appointments and treatments. A perfect example of this might be a chiropractor that has to treat a spinal injury multiple times following a car accident.

Beyond this, however, a doctor can enhance a personal injury case tremendously by providing documented evidence of an injury and its treatment schedule. It can be easy to claim that an injury was sustained, but if a doctor backs up that claim, it is more legitimized in the eyes of a courtroom. In addition, having documentation of specific appointments made and when treatments were undergone allows the court to track the injury and thereby justify the amount that is being asked during the lawsuit. It also documents medical expenses, which is typically what an individual is asking for during the case.

Involving your doctor in your personal injury case will greatly help you support the claims you are making and the amount of financial compensation needed to pay for the medical expenses. It is also a good idea to involve an attorney that will help work out the details of the case, and the information provided by your doctor, and help see your case won. To learn more about how the Franco Law Firm can serve you in this capacity, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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