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1What to Do If You’ve Taken a Recalled Medication

Sometimes, the FDA will recall medications due to an unforeseen side effect, or if the medication has a higher likelihood of a certain side effect than originally anticipated. It’s important not to panic if you have discovered you have taken a recalled drug; the best plan of action is to calmly contact your doctor and to keep note of any symptoms you experienced while taking the medication.

Sometimes a medication is recalled because the FDA has discovered an alternative that has fewer adverse side effects, or is more effective at treating symptoms. Other times, a batch of the drug could have a defect or a manufacturing error that causes the recall. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll necessary display harmful or uncomfortable side effects if you continue to take a recalled medication. But, it’s better to consult your doctor as soon as you know that a drug you’re taking has been recalled.

You should consult your doctor if you have taken a recalled medication, and gather their professional feedback on switching to a new drug, or the best way to discontinue use of the recalled drug. If you rely on the consistent use of the drug, contact your doctor before discontinuing it.

There are varying degrees of severity for recalled medication. For example, a Class I recall would be the most severe degree wherein those who take the medication could experience harmful side effects from taking it. Once you have talked to your doctor about the medication and switched to their recommended drug, you may wish to contact an attorney or product liability lawyer to discuss your options, particularly if you have experienced harmful side effects.

It benefits everyone when you report symptoms and side effects because the FDA will have more information and data on how a recalled drug can affect those who take it. It’s also helpful because it may incite others who experience the same symptoms to come forward. Monitoring your symptoms after discontinuing use of that drug is also advised. In the event of a severe reaction to a recalled drug, you may even wish to compile evidence and file a suit against a pharmaceutical company.

We often rely on medications to maintain a quality of life and to help us feel better when we’re sick. Drug recalls are sometimes a reality of taking medication, but careful monitoring of your symptoms and side effects can be critically important if you find yourself dealing with a drug recall.

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