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5 Differences Between Truck and Car Accidents

Any time that there is an automobile accidents, there can be damages and injuries to one or all parties involved. It is not only small vehicles that are impacted by auto accidents; truck accidents make up a large portion of the many accidents reported every year. Truck accidents differ from regular car accidents in a variety of ways and understanding these differences will help you know how to best proceed with a personal injury case should be be involved in either.

The most obvious difference between truck and car accidents is that the injuries and damages caused by trucks tend to be more severe. This makes sense when you consider that trucks are much larger vehicles and therefore have the potential to do more damage, especially if they are involved in an accident with a much smaller vehicle. Similarly, due to the large size of trucks, they tend to have more blind spots and problems with acceleration and braking. This can lead to more frequent accidents, as well as more severe ones.

When it comes to filing a claim against a truck driver, rather than a car driver, the process may be slightly different depending on the circumstances of the accident. For example, the truck company itself or a manufacturer may be partially to blame for the accident, which can shift liability away from the driver. Similarly, truck companies have greater resources and will often dispatch a lawyer right to the scene of the accident, a factor that wouldn’t exist in a car accident.

Finally, the records that truck drivers keep may provide extra evidence that might make fighting a claim, or filing one, more difficult than normal. This and the other reasons noted above are why it is important to have your own attorney that will help you right and win your personal injury case. To learn about how we at the Franco Law Firm can serve you in this capacity and to schedule a free consultation with us today, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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