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6 Reasons Your Workers Comp Claim Can be Dismissed

Whenever you are faced with a workers’ compensation claim, you want to have your best chance at getting your claim approved and receiving compensation for your workplace injury or illness. However, there are some instances where your claim can be dismissed.

Your claim may be dismissed if your injury was unwitnessed. Witnesses who can testify to seeing the injury can bolster your claim. However, if no one was present to witness the injury, telling your supervisor or coworkers immediately after sustaining the injury is recommended.

It’s important to report your injury immediately to give yourself the best chance for your claim to be seriously considered. Going to the doctor immediately or in a short time frame after sustaining the injury is critical as well.

If there is a discrepancy or discrepancies between your medical records and the incidental report filed with your employer, this could be cause to dismiss your workers’ compensation case. Be sure to be consistent in how you relay how the accident or injury occurred.

Another cause for dismissal would be the presence of illegal drugs in your system during the period in which you were injured. This will immediately render your claim indefensible.

Filing a claim for compensation following a firing or layoff does not speak highly that your claim is directly related to your injury. An insurer is more likely to interpret the claim as an act of malice toward the company or employer that instigated the firing or layoff.

It can also reflect poorly on the claimant if you do not sign the medical authorization provided by the insurer. Insurers like for you to sign certain papers, though this is not required by the employer. If you do not wish to sign medical authorization papers, you should contact a workers’ compensation attorney at Franco Law Firm to have them mediate between you and the insurer.

At Franco Law Firm, we want you to have your best shot at receiving compensation for a workplace injury, and we encourage you to come in for a consultation about your workers’ compensation claim.  For more information or a consultation, contact Franco Law Firm at (813)-872-0929.

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