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Who is Liable for a Construction Work Injury?

Construction can be a dangerous profession to work in. Having knowledge about the kinds of injuries one can sustain in that line of work is important. More, it is also key to understand who is liable for injuries in a construction work setting.

State and federal laws protect construction workers. When a construction worker is injured on the job, it is important for them to file the necessary paperwork to document their injury.

Several stakeholders in the process of construction work may be liable for a workplace construction industry. For example, the construction site owner may be liable, as the courts will determine how much control the construction site owner and contractors had over the construction site.

If an injury is related to faulty machinery, defective design or engineering, then it is possible the architect, engineer, or design professional may take on some liability in the injury. Manufacturers of machinery or goods used at the construction site may also be liable if the injury is correlated with a defective or broken piece of machinery.

General contractors are tasked with keeping employees aware of workplace risks and hazards onsite. These individuals also are responsible for hiring employees who are competent and will not expose others to injury to the best of their control. General contractors also must uphold health and safety regulations onsite. If these regulations are not followed, a general contractor may be liable for the injury.

Subcontractors help to ensure work sites follow OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations and ensure job site safety. If an injury is sustained as a result of noncompliance with OSHA regulations or negligence by the subcontractor, then the subcontractor may be liable for the construction work injury.

Anyone who is responsible for daily supervision of a work site, such as site managers or foremen, may also face liability for a construction work injury.

If you have been injured in a construction accident or on a worksite, you may be eligible for just compensation. At Franco Law Firm, we want you to be safe and covered in the event of a construction injury. For more information or a consultation, please contact Franco Law Firm at (813)-872-0929.

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