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Tampa Workers' Compensation Lawyer > Blog > General > Can I Receive Food Stamps if I Also Receive Disability Benefits?

Can I Receive Food Stamps if I Also Receive Disability Benefits?

There are a number of government programs that have been put into place to assist people who meet certain criteria with the additional funding that they need to live happy and productive lives. The Social Security program was set up with this in mind and is meant to assist those who can no longer work due to a disability or medical condition. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), more commonly referred to as food stamps, was also designed to help the less privileged in the form of food subsidies to low-income families. Both of these programs help a lot of people, but is it possible to be on both of them at the same time.

Due to the fact that they are meant to handle different sets of circumstances, yes, it is possible to be on both SNAP and Social Security, provided that the criteria for both of them respectively are met. There are two forms of Social Security and the disability benefits side of it, known as SSDI, does have any stipulations in it regarding income guidelines. SSI, the other side of the program, does, so you would not be able to collect both of those, but SSDI is perfectly okay to be on along with SNAP.

That being said, it is still important to keep in mind that the criteria for both must be met. Receiving one does not guarantee or even influence qualifying for the other. SNAP is based solely on having limited income and resources and SSDI requires a previous working history as well as a medical condition that inhibits you from holding a normal job. You can apply to both of these programs from their respective sites and both have their own sets of procedures to follow.

If you or someone you know has been unfairly denied SSDI benefits, you always have the option to appeal the denial. If you choose to pursue this, we at the Franco Law Firm are here to help, as we have for so many before. To learn more about us and to schedule a free consultation today, please call (813) 872-0929.

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