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What Not To Post On Facebook About Your Personal Injury or Workers Comp Claim

If you have been recently involved in an accident and have sustained an injury as a result, you are likely going to want to pursue a personal injury claim, if you are not in the process of doing so anyway. This kind of lawsuit involves suing the person who is at fault in the accident in order to gain financial compensation to cover the medical cost of the aforementioned injuries. There are a number of factors that go into whether or not your case will be successful, but one thing that can be most detrimental to your case is posting about it on Facebook.

Many people post events and photos of their lives on Facebook and other social media platforms, but there are many reasons why you should resist the urge to do so when it comes to your injury’s accident. Firstly, during the time of the case, your every medical move will be under scrutiny from the defense and both parties’ insurance companies. If what you post about is contradictory, or could be construed as such, to what you provide in the legal case, your entire case could fall apart.

Going through a workers’ compensation claim follows very similar guidelines, if not more so. Your employer and its insurance company will be looking not only for medical clues to deny you a claim, but also any reason they can find. For example, if your compensation claim states that you can’t engage in physical activities and you post about playing a sport, they may think your claim is false since you “can clearly be active.” Avoid posting about any physical activities, and sometimes emotions if the claim includes pain and suffering stipulations, until the case is completed.

Social media can be a fun tool, but it can seriously hinder your personal injury or workers compensation claim if you are not careful. If there is any doubt about whether you should or shouldn’t post something, then don’t. You can and should also consult with an attorney that is familiar with your case and can help you claim victory, no matter the situation.

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