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Tampa Workers' Compensation Lawyer > Blog > General > Can You Ask for Worker’s Compensation for Debilitating Work-Related Stress?

Can You Ask for Worker’s Compensation for Debilitating Work-Related Stress?

Everyone experiences stress at work sometimes: maybe you’ve got an important client presentation or a big meeting has been concerning you. But sometimes that stress can cross the line and become debilitating. State worker’s compensation codes have increasingly made allowances for claims regarding continued stress on the job, especially for those in police or firefighting occupations. However, in most cases it will be very difficult to receive compensation for stress alone. Florida law only allows for stress-related claims if you have also suffered a physical injury.

Worker’s Compensation for Work-Related Stress

While stress alone is not enough to file a worker’s compensation claim, if your work-related stress causes you to develop a psychological issue like PTSD or a psychological breakdown, these things can be reasonable cause to receive worker’s compensation. If you are going to file a claim for worker’s compensation over a mental health issue that stems from your work environment, be sure to collect and document proof of your condition. Before filing a claim consider the following:

  • Is the nature of your condition permanent?
  • Are the mental health issues directly related to your work? Is there any way that you can prove this?
  • Was the stress leading to your mental health issue above and beyond the level considered “normal” for your position?
  • Was there a pre-existing mental health condition that was exacerbated by your workplace environment?

It can be difficult to collect worker’s compensation for mental health related issues alone. If these issues lead to physical injuries – such as a nervous breakdown, high blood pressure, or a heart attack – you will have much better odds of receiving worker’s compensation benefits. Collecting worker’s compensation for debilitating work-related stress can be difficult to do on your own. The nature of these claims is very tricky and can be subject to interpretation, making them more complicated to settle. If you are considering filing a worker’s compensation claim for debilitating work-related stress, you should consult an experienced lawyer or law firm in order to assess the quality of your case and likelihood of receiving compensation for your claims.

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