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Choosing a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Worker’s compensation, especially for a serious injury, has more importance than you may think in securing a financially stable future. The medical effects – and costs – of injuries can last a long time and you don’t want to find yourself scraping to pay medical bills later or discovering that you are no longer able to earn your highest income capacity due to injury.

In minor cases, employees often represent themselves, but in more serious situations, many people turn to an attorney. These attorneys can be surprisingly affordable since many will only charge you if you win. But how do you find the right attorney? Many times, attorneys don’t advertise. You also need to figure out what attorney is right for you. Be prepared to talk to several lawyers before finding one that will both suit your needs and take your case.

1. Find the attorney. Since attorneys don’t advertise, you may have to turn to alternate sources. Asking friends and family what attorneys they’ve used in the past will help form a personalized recommendation that suits your needs and personality. You can also use the internet to help you search. If you look at local attorney websites, you can see if they specialize in worker’s compensation claim – and what kind they specialize in. They may also list years of experience in that specialization or advertise their success rate.

2. How do you get along with the attorney? Don’t underestimate the importance of feeling comfortable with your attorney. Communication and respect is key to a successful worker’s compensation case, so getting along with your attorney really helps. Make sure the attorney has time for you – making prompt responses to calls and emails as well as being available during hours that you are also available. You don’t want a lawsuit to take up even more of your precious time than the injury already did. If you feel the attorney you are speaking with doesn’t respect you, pass and look for someone else.

3. What kind of experience does the attorney have? Many lawyers have experience with worker’s compensation, but it would be even better if they’re able to provide you with experience with your particular illness, injury, or industry. Ask questions about similar cases she has worked with in the past.

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