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Should I Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney?

Being in a workplace accident is scary and stressful. You probably already have a lot of things going on: missed work and income, or maybe your family has been exhausted from medical situations, such as hospital visits. You might be in debt to the hospital. You’re not living your normal life, and it’s hard to think you may have to extend this horror by filing a worker’s compensation suit. While many suits are simple – perhaps you just need to cover the bill for a twisted ankle – some can be difficult and drawn out, especially if you suffered a severe injury with a long recovery time. These more difficult cases – or even cases in which you are having trouble finding the time and energy to pursue a case – might make it time to consult an attorney.

Reasons to hire a lawyer include:

1. As mentioned, you need time and energy to recover and get back on your feet and to work. Even if you can represent yourself – either due to it being an existing case, or you having enough experience – sometimes it’s just not worth it, especially since it’s affordable. Most lawyers only charge a small percentage of the amount you win in the case. They often do an initial consultation for free.

2. The lawyer is motivated to fight for you and get the most money possible. This is their job. The more you win, the more they win. They are experts looking to get the best deal for you, their client, possible.

3. The lawyer is an expert. Even if you know a lot and have read all the websites in the world about worker’s compensation cases, it’s nothing compared to having been in the courtroom yourself. Lawyers know what they’re doing, and have an understanding of your legal rights and what you are entitled to. Hiring lawyers sooner rather than later give you an opportunity to keep small problems from becoming big ones – such as knowing what kind of evidence or paperwork to gather for the courtroom.

4. If you have an especially complicated case, such as cases that involve severe injury or a pre-existing medical condition, hiring a lawyer can make sure those complications don’t stop you short of getting the money you deserve. They know how to navigate the nuances of the law when it involves these issues.

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