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Common Injuries that Happen at Daycares

As parents, it can be difficult to entrust our children’s well-being to others, even if they are licensed childcare providers. That’s why it can be so upsetting when a child comes home with bruises or scrapes – it can be frightening to consider the possibility that your child may have been abused under the care of your daycare provider. Fortunately, most injuries that happen at daycare are not a result of child abuse. That makes it all the more important to know what constitutes a “normal” injury and what is cause for alarm.

Scrapes, Cuts, and Bruises

Kids are naturally curious and not as coordinated adults, so it is fairly common for them to acquire minor scrapes, cuts, and bruises while they are exploring their environment. Light bruises, scrapes, and cuts should not be cause for concern unless they occur repeatedly over an extended period of time or are in a pattern.


Children are prone to roughhousing and sometimes a child who does not get his way will bite another child. While this is not a sign of abuse, if it happens repeatedly it may be a sign that your daycare is understaffed or is otherwise unable to devote attention to managing conflicts between kids.

Broken Bones

Even under the best supervision, a very active child may get themselves into a situation that leads to a broken bone. Your daycare should call an ambulance and alert immediately if your child has broken a bone under their supervision. Request a report of the incident from your daycare, and be sure to ask your child about what happened when you are alone with them. If the stories are in no way similar, you may want to conduct further investigation into the incident.

Allergic Reactions

You should always inform your child’s daycare of any allergies he or she may have. However, it is possible that children will be exposed to allergens by coming into contact with other kids. Make sure to find out what precautions your child’s daycare takes in order to avoid exposing children to potential allergy triggers.

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