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Tampa Workers' Compensation Lawyer > Blog > General > Do Weather Conditions Affect an Auto Injury Case?

Do Weather Conditions Affect an Auto Injury Case?

Determining fault and compensation in automobile accident cases are not always easy to do. There are many factors that can play into how much an at-fault driver should be held responsible for if the other driver sustains injuries in the automobile case. One such factor that plays into auto injury cases is weather. How do weather conditions affect an auto injury case?

Firstly, it should be stated that the Department of Transportation’s rules of the road state that drivers should be cautious under unsafe weather conditions and take measures, such as driving slower than the speed limit appropriately, to be more careful and try to reduce the chances of an accident happening. For example, if it is raining, it is recommended to drive five miles under the speed limit. Additionally, it is advised to maintain focus on the road even more so under difficult weather conditions.

What does this mean if an accident does occur? Due to the principle that auto accident injuries are caused by the negligence of another driver, if that driver was not following safe driving practices, then he or she may be more liable in the personal injury case. For example, if someone was speeding while it was dark and rainy and this caused injuries to someone through an accident, it would be easy to prove they were being negligent and therefore they would be accountable in the case.

Any time that you are injured in an automobile accident, you have the option to seek compensation for these injuries, particularly if they were caused by the negligence of others. To help you through any personal injury case, we at the Franco Law Firm are here to guide you through the process and see justice won for you. Please call us at (813) 872-0929 to schedule a free consultation with us today.

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