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Finding the Culprit of a Hit-and-Run

When an auto accident happens, people react in different ways. People who are not responsible can be angry, those that are can be apologetic or indignant. No matter the emotions, standard protocol dictates that both parties pull aside and go through the normal proceedings of sharing insurance information and calling the police, if need be. What is not okay, however, is if someone causes an accident and then flees the scene. This is known as a hit-and-run accident and dealing with the aftermath of one presents challenges that are unique to this situation.

After an accident, you may want to pursue a personal injury claim against the other party or, at the very least, file with the other party’s insurance company for damages caused. This is impossible to do if you don’t know who the other party is, which makes tracking down the culprit of a hit-and-run accident the top priority. In an ideal scenario, you would remember details that would help you find the individual, such as a license plate number.

In an accident, you probably aren’t looking for such details however, so any information helps. Could you describe the model of car the other person was driving? Were there any defining bumper stickers or magnets on the other car? Did you maybe catch a glimpse of the driver through the window and could point out a minor description? Any and all of this information would be helpful for finding the other driver.

In a hit-and-run case, you should always first call the police and present your information to them, as they will have the best chance of success in finding the culprit. After that, you should contact an attorney and review what your options are for reimbursement, both if you find the other driver and if you don’t. At the Franco Law Firm, we’ve helped many in situations like these and would be honored to help you as well. To schedule a free consultation with us today, please call (813) 872-0929.

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