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Florida is the Most Dangerous State for Pedestrians

Safety is a concern for every driver on the road and typically when people think about road safety, they think solely about drivers. This is certainly important, but pedestrians are also at risk on the roads just as drivers are. In fact, thousands of deaths, and many more uncounted injuries, of pedestrians are reported every year, highlighting that pedestrian safety should be a major concern as well. This is no more true in the United States than in Florida, which has been deemed the most dangerous state for pedestrians.

Statistically speaking, Florida has one of the highest death rates for pedestrians across the country. Within the state, pedestrian fatalities have increased by about 23 percent over the past two years, a staggering number when you think of deaths as already being in the thousands. Of all the regions in Florida, the Orlando metropolitan area is the most dangerous, with Tampa not being too far behind it.

What is it about Florida that makes it so dangerous for pedestrians? The primary factor that comes into play is how roadways are designed and how communities are developed. Orlando especially, but other Floridian cities as well, was designed as it was expanding, rather than with safety as a concern for the beginning. As cities expand, efficiency is required to make roadways safe, including speed limits and safe walkways. Thankfully, strides are being made to make Floridian communities safer, but in the meantime, it is important to be cautious and aware as a pedestrian so as to avoid an accident if possible.

If you or someone you know has been injured as a pedestrian in an automobile accident, you certainly have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit to gain compensation for the injuries inflicted. We at the Franco Law Firm pride ourselves on defending the rights of the injured and we would be honored to help you win your case and see justice won for you. To schedule a free consultation with us today, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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