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Tampa Workers' Compensation Lawyer > Blog > General > What You Need to Know about Property Damage in an Auto Accident

What You Need to Know about Property Damage in an Auto Accident

There are numerous kinds of damages that happen following an auto accident, the most obvious of which might be bodily injury to either driver or passengers. Even when accidents are minor, however, property damage is much more likely to occur. Whether it be a dinged up bumper, scratches to the sides, or front end damage, if a vehicle is damaged in an accident there are options to explore for being compensated for these damages.

The majority of the time, it will be the driver’s auto insurance company that will be able to pay for property damages caused by an auto accident. This is obviously the purpose of having such insurance in the first place, but it extends further than that. Florida is considered a “no fault” state for auto accidents, meaning that it is up to each individual’s insurance company to pay for their respective damages. Most policies even include stipulations for how to handle claims if the driver was found to be at fault.

That being said, there may be options to file a suit against the at-fault driver in the accident under certain circumstances. Such situations are uncommon and are usually hard to prove in a court of law, but if the property damages have other repercussions, there may be a chance. For example, if personal items besides the vehicle are damaged in the accident or if the damaged vehicle or goods causes one to miss work or lose a job, there may be grounds for legal action.

Due to the nature of Florida auto accident law, it is always a good idea to have a knowledgeable and experienced attorney on your side whenever you are looking to pursue a property damage lawsuit against another driver in an accident. We at the Franco Law firm have such knowledge and experience and would be happy to help guide you through the legal process and see justice won for you. To schedule a free consultation with us today, please call (813) 872-0929.

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