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Hurt on Campus? Here’s What You Should Do

College life can be quite the thrilling experience for young adult students. For many, this is the first time out of the house and on their own. Outside of class, there are many activities to keep students engaged and busy –  student organizations, Greek life and athletics, to name a few. One thing that students generally don’t consider is what to do if they get injured while on campus.

Injuries happen daily on college campuses. Car accidents in parking lots, sports related injuries, slip and fall accidents and substance abuse related incidents rank highest within this demographic. Nobody wants to get injured, or deal with the aftermath of something serious, but accidents happen and here is what you should do.

Access the Situation

Once an injury has occurred, it is important to access the situation to see how many people are involved and if it is safe. If you are a bystander, is it safe for you to approach and help? If you are the injured, can you remove yourself from the situation on your own or do you need assistance? Considering all options will help you best determine the proper course of action.

Contact Campus Safety

All campuses have a dedicated safety office and they should be contacted immediately to get professionals on site. Campus safety help triage the situation and can even alert 911 to have EMS dispatched if necessary.

Follow Up

No matter how small the incident seems you should always follow up and create an incident report. Having proper documentation can help provide protection for yourself in case legal issues arise, or if you need to seek legal assistance yourself. Without proper documentation you can find yourself in a very tricky legal battle.

These are just a few of the basic things to do if you get hurt on campus. For a more detailed list, contact the offices of Franco Law Firm today and find out more.

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