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My Parked Car Was Hit

Automobile accidents unfortunately happen sometimes when you are on the road, but they can also occur if you are not in motion at all. Even though your car may be parked and not going anywhere, it can still be hit by other drivers that are being careless. What should you do if your parked car is hit? Are you able to receive compensation for any damages in this kind of scenario?

The first thing you should do if your parked car is hit is contact the police and file an accident report with them. Although it might not be easy or even possible to identify the person who hit your car, noting all details will present a more clear case to the insurance company, whom you will likely be seeking compensation from. All factors are relevant and more information is always best, especially details that include time of day, weather conditions, and exact location.

Once you have this report created, you should contact your insurance company. Since it is unlikely they’ll be able to identify who hit you car, your insurance company will typically be the one paying compensation and such incidents are written into most insurance policies and plans. If there is any additional information that they require, they will ask you.

If you are, however, able to identify who hit your parked car, there may indeed be grounds for legal claim. Most likely, there won’t be any physical injuries sustained, but you may be able to receive compensation for any damages done to the vehicle if repairs are required. When considering this, you should always consult with an attorney first to weigh out your options and determine the best course of action. To schedule a free consultation with the Franco Law Firm to get started on your case today, please call us any time at (813) 872-0929.

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