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Three Factors That Could Be Holding Up Your Disability Application

It’s no secret that disability applications take an extremely long time to process and take care of. This being said, there are a number of factors that can hinder on a disability examiner’s ability to process an application. If you want your application to move as quickly as possible through the system then it would be wise to pay attention to a few specific aspects. Here are three factors that could be holding up your disability application:

  1. Medical records not being delivered in their entirety or on time. While this seems like a rudimentary concern, it’s typically the most common reason that a disability examiner is delayed in the process of letting you know what’s going on with your application. Without all medical records, it’s impossible to make a sound decision as to what a claimant’s disability claim status is and how they should move forward. Be sure to provide your examiner with any and all paperwork they might need to help move your claim along.
  2. Ongoing developments in your medical condition. While it’s important for you to get your disability, claim moving, it’s also important to understand that if you have pending medical situations your application will be halted as well. Your examiner needs all information so results of recent surgeries, physical therapy, or any other new development must be divulged as well (often times if there is a treatment that could drastically improve a patient’s impairment, they will wait to make a decision until the effects can be assessed).
  3. Technical errors. While this one might seem entirely out of your hands, it’s still an important one to consider. Yes, the process of reviewing applications has evolved and gotten better over the years, however mistakes happen. It’s important to keep a copy on file of most if not all of your important documents. That way, should anything happen, you’re ready with a replacement copy immediately and don’t have to worry about spending extra time trying to figure out how to get an original copy again.

To decode the specific laws of disability claims it’s important to consult a lawyer if possible. They will be able to keep you up to date on all things regarding your application as well as double check that all of your information is turned in on time and accurate.

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