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What to Do if You’re Injured on Vacation in Florida

Every year millions of people travel to Florida on vacation, but what happens if an accident takes place and a visitor is injured? In the state of Florida you have a right to claim compensation if another party’s negligence has resulted in damages, even if you’re not a resident. That being said, injury cases are not always completely straightforward so it’s important you take the following steps to ensure you and your family are protected if the unexpected happens:


It’s integral to collect and document all the evidence you can, right from the start. If you’re in any kind of accident, take pictures of the scene and of the damages (both personal and property). Insurance details and contact details must be exchanged; and if the police are involved be sure to take their names and badge numbers so you can contact them. You should keep all medical records if you have to visit the hospital, and all receipts for payments.


If there are any witnesses to an accident which caused you injury, ask them for their contact details so you have their corroboration in if your case needs it.

File Report with Local Authorities

Ensure you file a report with all relevant local authorities, so file a report with the police  or an accident report with the hotel for example. When you file keep a copy of everything for your own records.

Statute of Limitations

Statute of limitations (how long one can pursue a claim) are different depending on the type of claim – personal injury is four years for example. If you do not begin a claim within that time, you’re not able to sue for damages no matter that the case. The injury must also have happened within the state of Florida, so if you’ve rented a car from here and then go to another state if is not part of this jurisdiction and you cannot file here.

Personal Injury Lawyer

As you’re not a resident of the state, it’s important to have representation in the area who can attend to your case. The dedicated team at Franco Firm specialize in this type of law, and can be trusted to represent your case and work to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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