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When are Nursing Homes Liable for their Residents’ Injuries?

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, it is natural to worry about them and wonder if they are receiving the care they need. In the event of an injury at the nursing home, it can be difficult to determine liability for falls, accidents, and other types of injuries.

Nursing homes are responsible for providing a certain level of care for their patients and can be deemed liable for the injury. For example, if the premises does not meet certain health standards or if the home isn’t kept safe. Negligence can also extend to the hiring of an employee who abuses, neglects, or does not hold to the standard of care set by the nursing home.

When a resident at a nursing home is injured, it’s often challenging to prove liability or who might be legally responsible for the injury. The nursing home is generally liable when management or staff should have taken action to prevent an incident or injury. For example, if wheelchairs, emergency notification systems, or handrails were faulty, the nursing home is usually liable as they did not maintain a standard of care.

Another example is that a resident may have been left unattended when a nursing home employee should have been supervising them. If the resident was properly attended and the standard of care of the nursing home is in good standing, the nursing home may not be liable.

Liability of nursing homes can be difficult to ascertain, as the injured party may not have full memory of the injury or accident, and the nursing home may have interests that do not serve the injured party. It’s important to keep records and documentation of experiences with the nursing home and to examine your loved one for abrasions or bruises if you believe an incident may have occurred.

Proving liability on the part of a nursing home can be a complex process, as many factors are at play in such cases. Scheduling a consultation with Franco Law Firm can help you understand the facts of your case, and we are committed to helping you and your loved ones.

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