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Workers’ Compensation for Heat Exhaustion

Summer in Florida is no easy task, especially for those with occupations outdoors. Spending hours each day in the sun has both invisible and visible effects on the body. Exposure to the heat and the sun can be brutal on the body and can lead to injuries, such as fainting, dehydration, muscle spasms or pain, heat rash, and more.

Heat exhaustion takes on a variety of symptoms, including heavy sweating, rapid or very slow pulse, or rapid breathing. An extreme case would be heat stroke, where body temperature rises above 106 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few minutes. These illnesses can wreak havoc on the body, requiring fluids and rest. Some extreme cases of heat exhaustion or heat stroke result in death.

Going to the doctor and filing a record of a heat-related illness or accident can be helpful in mounting your case for compensation. It is important to speak with a specialized expert on occupational heat exhaustion and heat-related injuries.If you do sustain a heat-related injury at the workplace, employees have 30 days according to Florida law to report a claim. Reporting a claim in a timely manner can help add credibility to your case.

Employees who suffer occupational heat-related illness can receive workers’ compensation for their injuries. Preventative measures by an employee may include drinking fluids, wearing long-sleeves, wearing breathable, light fabric, sunscreen, or avoiding sugary foods. Employers should take steps to protect their employees from heat exhaustion, such as providing fresh, clean water and offering regular breaks in shaded areas.

It is important to speak with a specialized expert on occupational heat exhaustion and heat-related injuries. While some employers may argue that heat exhaustion is preventable, it is important to file claims of occupational illness due to heat. Often, these cases will go unreported and employees will not receive their full and rightful benefits.

We are committed to helping you understand your options for compensation for heat exhaustion resulting from your occupation. Heat exhaustion is a serious health matter that should not be taken lightly. For more information or a consultation, please contact Franco Law Firm at (813)-872-0929.

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