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Why You Need Representation for a Workers Compensation Case

There is a natural inclination to say, “Wait, I got this,” when dealing with a workers compensation claim. When you’re injured at the workplace, it can be confusing to know whether you should reach out to an attorney for representation. However, regardless of the circumstances of your claim, you are entitled to obtain an attorney for your case at any time.

A personal injury lawyer can be a valuable asset for you—in the event of permanent injury or disability, they can help you navigate the logistics of filing for Social Security, for example, or advocate for you to receive benefits that can help you maintain a higher quality of life.

You should seriously consider reaching out to an attorney if you believe you are no longer able to work any job on a regular basis. The severity of the injury can greatly impact your life, and an attorney can help you figure out what kinds of benefits you need to receive to live comfortably with your injury. You should also obtain an attorney if you believe you cannot go back to the job where you were injured, but you believe you’ll be able to work in some capacity.

Other reasons to reach out to an attorney regarding your personal injury is if your medical needs include surgery, or if you have significant pre-existing conditions that may affect your benefits.

If you believe your health is permanently altered, you may be eligible for permanent partial disability.

Another reason to reach out to an attorney is if you simply don’t understand the complexities of the workers’ compensation process. If someone else is representing your best interests, you can focus more on recovering from your injury.

If you believe you are not receiving the correct benefits, of if you believe you are entitled to additional benefits due to the circumstances of your claim or the severity of your injury, reaching out to an attorney is imperative. If you don’t, you’ll never know what benefits you could be receiving had you consulted a personal injury attorney.

If your employer has disputed a decision made by your state workers compensation program, you may wish to retain an attorney to make sure you are prepared in the event your benefits are denied. Disputing your employer’s decision is a highly complex legal process, and retaining an attorney is a critical piece of ensuring your interests are represented in accordance with the law.

At Franco Law Firm, we’re a committed team with years of experience in personal injury law. You deserve to receive benefits in accordance with the law, and we will make sure your needs are accurately represented in your personal injury case. Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your claim and next steps in your personal injury claim.

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