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Workers Compensation for Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos-related diseases caused by prolonged asbestos exposure can affect thousands of workers in the United States each year. Workers compensation for asbestos exposure is possible in many cases. There are also attorneys who specialize in compensation cases for asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma. If you work in a field where asbestos exposure is possible, it’s important to carefully note any symptoms that develop from your work, even if they seem unrelated to asbestos.

Workers compensation law varies state by state and each state follows different regulations. These workers compensation laws are critical in making sure workers are treated fairly in the event of injury or long term disease or symptoms that emerge as a result of the exposure.

Employers are generally required to provide this kind of coverage to their employees, and payments for workers compensation usually include a fixed amount of payment based on the injury type. Families of deceased workers may also apply for workers compensation benefits in the event of loss of life due to prolonged asbestos exposure.

Occupational exposure to asbestos can vary across industries, not just those who work in construction or other similar fields. Sometimes offices and traditional nine-to-five employees can be working in a building where asbestos is unknowingly festering. It is the responsibility of the employers to make sure the building and working environment are up to regulatory standards, and they are usually liable in the event of asbestos exposure.

There are varying degrees of benefits possible for those who apply for workers compensation for asbestos exposure. Possible benefits as part of a workers compensation package can include coverage of some medical care and expenses, temporary or permanent disability payments as a form of alternative income, or reemployment assistance in an environment that is not affected by asbestos exposure.

At Franco Law Firm, we are committed to understanding your claim in the event of asbestos exposure-related injury. Asbestos exposure is a very serious issue that we do not take lightly, and neither should your employer. Schedule a consultation with one of our staff to discuss the details of your claim and the benefits you may be entitled to.

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