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How to Protect Yourself from Recalled Products

Product recalls are a common and unavoidable part of the consumer landscape. Problems with products, strange side effects, malfunctioning equipment, or newly-discovered issues with a product can cause manufacturers to issue a recall in the hopes of preventing further damage and getting dangerous products off the market. Thousands of products are recalled each year, from children’s toys to sporting equipment. Sometimes recalls can be spurred by the discovery of lead-based paint on the product, or in the event a product catches fire or displays strange behavior.

For consumers who are mindful and worried about consumer recalls, they can protect themselves from surprising recall announcements by following social media accounts relating to recalls in the United States, watching the local news, and making sure to check recalled lists while shopping at stores. Many times, word of mouth is another great way to stay aware of recalls and be in-the-loop in regards to products that have manufacturing errors or other issues.

There are also newsletters and email programs which detail which products have been recalled in a given period of time. It’s important for consumers to turn in recalled products or cease use of that product as soon as they learn of its recall status. Extended use of a recalled product can increase the risk of injury or malfunction for the individual consumer.

If it’s a large product or a particularly critical one for your daily life, such as a car recall, it’s important to reach out to the manufacturer to understand what benefits you may receive as part of a recall and understand the time frame it may take for your product to be repaired. All recalls announced by a manufacturer or the government should be taken seriously, as products are not typically recalled unless there is significant or proven danger to the consumer.  

Product recalls are a part of life, and they usually are not a cause for alarm but careful, deliberate action to make sure you are not using products that negatively affect your life. At Franco Law Firm, we know your rights as a consumer who is affected by a product recall or defect and we are here to give you the information you need.

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