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Can You Receive Workers Compensation if You Work from Home?

For many people, workers compensation seems pretty straight forward. You get hurt doing your job, you have medical bills and multiple problems as a result of your injury, so your employer covers these expenses under workers compensation. However, what happens when you telecommute and get hurt on the job? Can you still receive workers compensation if you work from home?

The laws regarding the requirement of workers compensation vary from state to state. In the state of Florida, employers are required to provide workers compensation insurance for their employees in non-construction companies with more than four employees. In most cases, in order to receive workers compensation benefits a person must prove that they are an employee of the company and that they got injured at the workplace during work hours. However, this line blurs a bit when employees who telecommute, or employees who work from home are hurt on the job.

Even though Florida requires companies with more than four employees to carry workers compensation, the coverage of workers comp becomes a little bit more complicated for telecommuters. It becomes harder for the employee to prove that they were injured while working because there are usually no supervisors or witnesses. The employee who works from home is covered if they can prove that the injury happened while they work working doing official work related tasks. However, it is easy for their employer to dismiss their case because they can not get any proof that the employee was injured while working,

Whether you are working on site or working from home, on the job injuries are frustrating and painful. They can keep you out of work and in pain. If you feel you may need to get an attorney involved, contact Franco Law Firm help ease some of the confusion that comes with on the job injuries when you work from home. To learn more and to schedule a free consultation, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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