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Tampa Workers' Compensation Lawyer > Blog > General > Who Can Be A Witness in Your Personal Injury Case?

Who Can Be A Witness in Your Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury law often relies on witnesses from a variety of fields and contexts to help support a personal injury case. Witnesses in your personal injury case can provide insights through testimonies, particularly if the accident or injury is disputed or called into question. There are two types of witnesses in personal injury cases: experts in a given topic, or individuals who can speak to what occurred because they were present for the injury.

An expert witness is one with technical or specific knowledge on a subject. An expert witness in a personal injury case could be a medical witness, such as a doctor. For example, if you have suffered injury from a car accident, an expert medical witness could speak to what areas of the body were injured, the severity of the injury, or the course of action for treatment. Witnesses and their testimonies can give insight into future quality of life for the injured.

Expert witnesses may also be mental health professionals, car or manufacturing professionals, engineering experts, or other specialties. Not all expert witnesses will testify in a case; some provide documentation or a statement expressing sentiments related to the particular personal injury case.

More than one witness can provide testimony for a personal injury case. However, not all witnesses are experts in a field related to the injury. Another type of witness could be a bystander or passenger who saw the injury take place and can speak to the event of the injury from their objective point of view.

Having a witness in your personal injury case—whether they are a bystander or a subject matter expert—can be helpful in proving your credibility, causation, and pain level. In other instances, witnesses may not be necessary. Franco Law Firm can help you determine a course of action for who witnesses in your personal injury case may be, or if witnesses are needed for your case through our consultation services.

You do not have to be alone as you navigate a personal injury case. At Franco Law Firm, we have over 20 years of experience as mediators for personal injury cases and we are committed to helping you get the help and care you need. To learn more, please contact Franco Law Firm at (813)-872-0929.

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