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Common Injuries that Can Be Sustained from a Desk Job

On the job, injuries are always stressful and difficult to cope with. Some people are out of work for months and have trouble completing day to day tasks. When people think of the jobs that warrant the most injuries, they might think of dangerous jobs like contractor, firefighter, or steelworker. However, not many people think about the common injuries that can be sustained from working a desk job. Some of the most common workplace injuries sustained from a desk job often relate to ergonomic injuries or trips, falls, or other common accidents.

Ergonomic injuries are injuries that relate to the efficiency and comfort in a workplace environment. For example, perhaps an employee sits and types at a computer for most of her workday. If this employee has an uncomfortable desk setup that forces her to sit awkwardly, it may put a strain on her body causing injury. A lot of workplaces have recently started investing in ergonomic office supplies to prevent workplace injuries for desk jobs like ergonomic keyboards to prevent carpal tunnel.

Another common workplace injury sustained by an employee who works a desk job include trips and falls or muscle strain. For example, perhaps there is an exposed power cord for a computer running across the office or the carpet is folded in an odd way that makes it easy to trip over. These are both examples of situations that could cause trips or falls. In other situations causing muscle strain, your boss could ask you to carry a heavy carton of paper up the stairs or perhaps you try reaching for something on a high shelf.  It’s understandable that accidents sometimes just happen. However, in an attempt to prevent trips and falls or muscle strain in the workplace there should be safety rules enforced to make the office a safer place.

Workplace injuries can keep you out of the job for weeks. In certain situations, surgery or physical therapy may even be needed to ease the pain from on the job injuries. No matter what industry you work in, if you get hurt on the job and feel that you need to seek retribution you may want to get an attorney involved. Franco Law Firm will be here to help you along the way. To learn more and to schedule a free consultation, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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